The Benefits of Consuming Raw Honey

As honey is naturally, it is a perfect sweetener from the earth. Some people don’t like honey as much, however, because they think it is not that important since other sweeteners come from the earth as well. Raw Buckwheat Honey is able to be a lot more than just a sweetener though. Honey can have some unique flavors that other sweeteners don’t have, depending on the location of the hive it is gotten from. Also, honey has a lot of vitamins and enzymes in it that are really good for the human body. Honey can be used as a natural medicine and is a good resource for people that like to cook. As research is continued to be done on honey, there are a lot more purposes that people have been coming up with as time has gone on.

When people consume the honey that is no longer raw, it is not as good for you. Honey is heated to seventy degrees Celsius and then immediately cooled during pasteurization. The point of doing this is to kill the bacteria that could be in the honey. However, the reason it is less healthy is that many of the good bacteria that were in the honey are also killed and a lot of the good nutrients are removed. Unpasteurized honey, or raw honey, is just honey that hasn’t gone through this heating. Because it hasn’t been heated, the nutrients and good bacteria are still intact.

All food is either alkaline or acidic food. A lot of the food that is available to us nowadays has a very extreme level of acidity in it. We need more alkaline food in our diets in order to balance out the extreme level of acidic foods. Having too much acidity in your diet and in your body is really bad for you. When someone eats honey, it becomes alkaline and it balances the pH levels. Honey is a really good antacid because of this.

Raw honey is good for the people that have high cholesterol or diabetes. Eating raw honey daily helps increase the levels of protective antioxidant compounds in the blood. Raw honey also has a lot of good vitamins in it, like A and C. Many people lack vitamins in their bodies without even realizing it.

Honey has been in home remedies throughout the last thousands of years. It can help with yeast infections, athlete’s foot, and other cuts or burns that people might run into. Sore throats can be relieved with a little Comb Honey, lemon juice, and salt. Raw honey has been used for such a long time and people should keep taking advantage of this natural miracle.

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